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Protection Dogs - Support to Domestic Abuse Victims

Protection Dogs - Support to Domestic Abuse Victims


The best protection dogs are specially trained to help prevent incidents of violence, and they can actually help people recover, too. The highest quality of security dogs has received intense enough training to prepare them for all manner of situations, and they also have to possess great instincts. These dogs are some of the most capable animals in the world– they could handle everything from police work to military service, and they also provide excellent support for survivors of abuse.


Dog Support Victim of Domestic Abuse

The best protection dogs have received hundreds of hours in specialized training before they’re ever placed with a new owner or family. That training will come in handy if there’s ever a situation where the dog can keep its people safe, and the dog’s natural instincts will be a huge help, too.


Dogs have an innate drive to protect and care for their owners, which provides a critical level of support. The combination of defense and affection make protection dogs immensely helpful for anyone who may be recovering from a traumatic experience like domestic violence.


How Dogs Help with Abuse Victim Support

Almost any dog can help a person recover from trauma, provided the dog has the right temperament. Dogs are renowned for their capacity to engage humans in loving, trusting relationships. The canine will have faith in its person because the person feeds it and is responsible for its well-being. These animals are naturally loyal and will try to return everything they get in the form of affection and obedience.


Dogs respect the authority of their person, and will naturally follow orders. This trait is even more pronounced in protection dogs because of the extensive training they receive from an early age. A big focus in the training is on the dog’s ability to be a reliable companion in everyday life, not just when a potential issue arises.


In the unfortunate event that another issue of abuse would arise, the other side of the dog’s training would come into play. A leading protection dog will risk everything including its own life to protect its master. That means there is no threat big enough or scary enough to cause the canine to back down or run away.


An expert protection dog will immediately rise to the occasion if their master starts to become a victim of domestic abuse. If the animal cannot scare the attacker away by demonstrating aggression, it will physically engage the abuser until the threat has been neutralized. Knowing what these dogs are capable of gives victims great peace of mind and helps them conquer fear.


How to Find the Right Dog for an Abuse Victim

There are many factors that go into choosing the right dog. Physical abilities have an impact on a dog’s ability to protect someone from abuse, while its intelligence will affect training. Breed and upbringing affect temperament. The best way to navigate these factors is to choose a company that will match a person with the right dog.


Best Protection Dogs for Abuse Victims

At PDG K9, our mission is to pair the right dog with the right family. Our dogs come from the best bloodlines in the world, and only the most elite candidates finish training to get placed with a family. When one of these dogs completes its training, that means the dog is prepared to be both a protector and a family member. Contact us today to learn more about how the right dog can give you peace of mind as you reclaim control of your life.