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Puppy Program
Puppy Program
Puppy Program

Puppy Program

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This 6-week program will lay a solid foundation for the puppy to advance its training as it matures.


1) Behavior Shaping

a) House breaking

b) Curbing of destructive behavior

c) Not pulling on leash without command

d) Grooming inoculation (nail trims, physical inspections, etc.)

e) Environmental inoculation

f) Overall drive development

g) Introduction to corrections

h) Crate training


2) Obedience- reward based

a) Luring/ Baiting with food

b) On-leash

c) Off-leash Fundamentals

d) Verbal Commands and Hand Signals (Commands can be in any language desired)

i) “Sit”

ii) “Down”

iii) “Stand”

iv) “Come”

v) “Leave-it”

vi) “Heel”

vii) “Place”


3) Foundational Body Mechanics

a) Balancing exercises

b) Stretches and mobility

c) Uneven Surfaces

d) Slippery Surfaces

e) Directional Commands

f) Prehab movements

g) Body awareness


4) Protection Foundation

a) Prey Drive building

b) Hunt Drive development

c) Imitation imprinting

d) Equipment progression- rag, roll, soft sleeve

e) Varying Equipment types- jute, French linen, leather, fire hose

f) Grip development